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Multi Solution Gel


Multi Solution Gel

Produit Shiseido

A dewy, concentrated multi-purpose gel for skincare emergencies, to help rescue you from the multiple skin concerns that can appear due to stress and lifestyle habits.

Its unique skin-conforming texture adheres well to problem areas, even over make-up to deliver effective ingredients.

Skin looks beautiful and incredibly smooth all day, every day.

Produit Shiseido

Say goodbye to
unpredictable skin

Produit Shiseido

IBUKI Multi Solution Gel protects skin against the harmful effects of the weather, pollution, an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, stress, over-indulgence or emotional excess. It’s your perfect defence!

Effectively addresses skin concerns such as :

  • dryness,
  • skin roughness,
  • breakouts,
  • excess oil,
  • fatigued skin,
  • visible pores,
  • re-occurrence of skin problems,
  • unpredictable skin.

How To Use

As soon as you notice redness, dry patches or any skin imperfections, simply use it until the problem disappears.

  • Produit Shiseido
    Before Makeup as the final step of the Beauty Routine
  • Produit Shiseido
    Carry it in your bag wherever you go
  • Produit Shiseido
    Apply it on your makeup as many times as you need

Beauty Ritual

Apply to the affected area as the final stage of your morning skincare regime, on top of your make-up, or use as a mask on the imperfection and let it work overnight.

  • Produit Shiseido
  • Produit Shiseido
    Power Infuse Step 2 ACTIVATE
  • Produit Shiseido
    Moisturize Step 3 CORRECT
  • Produit Shiseido
    Special Care Step 4 REPAIR NEW


The key to correcting the skin’s surface is to build the skin’s resistance.

Formulated with PhytoTarget Complex, which supplements Natural Moisturizing Factor and intracellular lipids to help repair weakened skin barrier function and restore skin’s resistance.

  • Trehalose
  • MLS water
  • Serin
  • Horse chestnut seed extract

Effective Ingredients

    • roughness
    • visible pores
    • Glycyrrhizic acid
    • Glycylglycine
      • breakouts
    • Salicylic acid
    • Peony Root Extract

Ingredients that work directly on breakouts, roughness and open pores permeate the skin, to quickly correct skin problems.

Smooth, trouble free skin is yours

“Trouble-free, smooth and finely textured” become the perfect descriptors of your skin’s state, every day.

IBUKI collection Breath new life into your skin.

Produit Shiseido

Specifically formulated for women in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, Ibuki, is a skincare line that will breathe new life into unpredictable skin.
IBUKI skincare offers your skin a consistent approach, to HYDRATE dryness, PERFECT skin texture by eliminating oiliness, breakouts, roughness and visible signs of fatigue, and PREVENT against damage caused by harsh environmental factors that your skin is exposed to everyday.
Easy and simple to use, yet formulated with the latest skincare technology to raise your skin’s resistance on the inside, for beautiful skin on the outside.

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