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Body Creator Abdomen Toning Gel
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  • Shiseido Body Creator Abdomen Toning Gel

    This intensely invigorating gel gives a firmed appearance to the abdomen and other areas of the body experiencing loss of tone. Promotes a toned, smooth-looking body.Leaves skin with a fresh, cool sensation and no trace of stickiness.

    Shiseido Body Creator Abdomen Toning Gel is recommended for :
    - Promotes a firmed, toned appearance.
    - Daily.

    SHISEIDO MENPowerful science. Practical skincare.With an eye toward the pace of your life and the stress of your environment, Shiseido scientists have created the perfect operating system for skin. Simple care. High impact results. These exceptional formulations propel the latest advances of skin physiology to the forefront. Shiseido Men will give your body skin what it needs to look firm and well-conditioned. Shiseido Men will revolutionize the future of body care.Body Creator Abdomen Toning GelContains Caffeine, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Red Pepper Extract, and menthol. Formulated with SLM Fragrance, a sense-stimulating combination of spices and grapefruit.
    To use:Use on dry, clean skin.Smooth an appropriate amount over the body with a massaging motion, concentrating on areas such as the abdomen and waist.1: Massage with an upward motion from the lower abdomen to below the chest using the palms of the left and right hands alternately. When applying to the sides of the body, twist the upper body from side to side as you massage the gel into the skin.2: Encircle the pelvis with alms of your hands and move the palms firmly up and down along the sides of the body.3: Place the hands on the abdomen and move them side to side while simultaneously twisting the body.4: Massage clockwise from the lower right part of the abdomen in a circular motion.

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