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Beauty Sleeping mask New

Skin’s substitute for a good night’s sleep.

Beauty Sleeping Mask is an overnight, leave-on gel that simulates the effects of a deep state of sleep—helping skin recuperate from the external stresses it endures all day long. Contains condensed vitamin capsules, leaving your skin looking and feeling fully refreshed.

Apply before bed and let its magic work until morning. Skin will look radiant, dewy and well-rested, even after a night of inadequate sleep.

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For whom?

For those seeking a skin’s substitute for a good night’s sleep.

Skin type

Gentle yet effective formula for all skin types, including sensitive.

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Use at night just before going to bed. Spread the gel mask onto your face and leave it on while you sleep. No need to remove it in the morning.

Spread the mask from the centre of the face outwards. Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance while applying to the skin. Press the acupuncture points for inducing sleep by gliding your fingers over the eyelids as illustrated, starting from the inner corners of the eyes and ending with the outer corners.


Condensed capsules

Formulated with vitamin C and E capsules, it helps tired-looking skin appear brighter and clearer after one night.

Relaxing scent

Aromatic ingredients provide a gentle scent for a feeling of relaxation, preparing for a pleasant sleep.

Phytoplankton extract

Helps revitalise the skin, for a plumped, well-rested-look by morning.

Formulated with PhytoTarget Complex, which supplements Natural Moisturizing Factor and intracellular lipids that are key to an optimal barrier function.




Skin look radiant, dewy and well-rested, even after a night of inadequate sleep.