Camelia Shiseido
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The aura of modern and confident femininity.

With this new interpretation of Ever Bloom, Shiseido wanted to break the traditional rules of the olfactory pyramid by inventing a harmonious and melodious fragrance.

A musician would say its fragrance is based on two simple, distinct melodies:

The “Presence” Accord: a soft addiction built around Orange Blossom, Gardenia, White Amber, Patchouli and Muscenone™, that surrounds its wearer with an indelible aura.

The “Radiance” Accord: the damp, green notes of Cyclamen and Lotus, so crystalline and clear, shining forth in all their radiance.

In a shower of ethereal petals, EVER BLOOM GINZA FLOWER invents not only perfumery based on pure emotion, but also a new sensual freshness – that of a vibrant flower that leaves a precious imprint on the body of the woman who wears it.

EVER BLOOM GINZA FLOWER is the vision of a different, more contemporary and futuristic Japan. A modern, intense and sensual fragrance, vibrating such as a heart beating.

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30 ml / 50 ml

For whom?

Ever Bloom Ginza Flower addresses an always elegant and asserted woman, in search of a vibrating perfume which gives her emotion.