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Skincare on the go: sprinkle your skin with moisture and tone down shine—anytime, anywhere.

Refresh, re-smooth, re-moisturise. This dewy gel mist visibly corrects shine, dehydration and stressed skin, whilst instantly reviving the complexion and enabling make-up to last longer. Spritz anytime, anywhere for brighter, beautiful-looking skin all day long. Provides lasting comfort that helps tone the skin. Formulated with Phyto-Target Complex and Marjoram Extract to target dehydration and improve skin’s natural moisture production, while Anti-Shine Complex helps minimise shine.



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For whom?

For those looking to instantly improve shine, dehydration and day-worn skin.

Skin type

Gentle yet effective formula for all skintypes, including sensitive.

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Apply over or under makeup. Hold the mist away from your face. Lightly close your eyes and spray your entire face, pushing 4-5 times in total. After spraying, the mist can be blended over the entire face with the hands.

Can be reapplied during the day to refresh skin texture anytime, anywhere.


Marjoram Extract, derived from a multipurpose aromatic herb, targets dehydration*.

Anti-Shine Complex helps suppress shine for fresher, smoother and shine-free skin over time.

Formulated with PhytoTarget Complex, which supplements Natural Moisturizing Factor and intracellular lipids that are key to an optimal barrier function.

*in vitro test