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An especially luxurious and silky oil that instantly blends into the skin to provide 24-hour moisturising benefits while plumping and softening the skin, and adding a soft sheen. This multi-functional oil can be used on the face, body and hands, as well as the hair, to envelop you in its relaxing fragrance of Yuzu oil for a totally enriching skincare experience.

An anti-ageing beauty treatment formulated with 5 premium oils to help nourish, moisturise and improve skin condition, now and for the future. A combination of Evening Primrose, Safflower, Jojoba, Macadamia and Argan oils; this replenishing treatment melts into the skin with no trace of stickiness, leaving skin feeling and looking revitalised, dewy and smooth.

Formulated with Shiseido’s award winning anti-ageing ingredient Skingenecell 1P, this beauty elixir dramatically improves skin quality, making it resistant to harmful environmental aggressors that accelerate ageing.


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This multi-functional oil can be used on the face, body and hands.

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Push the dispenser once, warm this amount of oil, and apply it with your palms to your whole face.


Apply before your day cream.

Top tip: Blend the Replenishing Treatment Oil with your foundation, serum or moisturiser for in instant boost of radiance. Use the product immediately after mixing.


Apply after your night cream, as the final step in your skincare regimen.



Apply a small amount of oil to your lips, using circular motions.



Push the dispenser about six times, and apply the oil over your body.

Apply about four pushes of the dispenser to wet skin after you shower, and gently dry yourself with a bath towel.

Push the dispenser twice, and apply the oil to your neck and décolletage.



Push the dispenser twice, and apply the oil to your hands, fingertips, and nails, using circular motions.



Apply a small amount to the ends of your hair when it’s about half dry. Then, finish styling as usual.

Shiseido based this line on its award-winning* discovery: Dry, damaged or stressed skin contains high levels of a negative factor called Serpin b3.
Shiseido exclusive ingredient, Skingenecell 1P, suppresses the production of Serpin b3** and increases cell vitality to fundamentally improve skin quality and counteract the appearance of future aging*.
Find the Preventive Powers in Botanicals : Future Solution LX is formulated with a complex of natural ingredients :

  •  Japanese Uji Green Tea Extract helps prevent cellular damage caused by oxidation which leads to skin aging**,
  • Super Yeast Extract increases cellular vitality, collagen, and hyaluronic acid**
  • Star Fruit Extract protects from collagen breakdown**.

Future Solution LX improves your skin’s resistance to wrinkles and sagging for years to come.

*Skingenecell 1P makes skin resistant to harmful environmental factors such as UV rays.(in vitro)** in vitro tests.