Tales from Tokyo: 3 Influencers Tell Us About Their Japanese Immersion

Tales from Tokyo

Launching a new beauty line is a big deal, even for experienced skin experts like SHISEIDO, but what makes introducing the new range, WASO, even more exciting is hearing what real beauty aficionados think about it. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics and following the “Washoku philosophy” (roughly translated as “harmony of food”) WASO was created with respect for nature, and harnesses the power of botanical ingredients. Blended with plants to balance the body and mind, the products champion beauty-from-the-inside-out — something we knew our three influencers would want to know all about. Joining us to experience a unique journey that truly brings WASO’s heritage to life, here’s what happened when Jenn Im, Susie Lau and Natacha Birds travelled with WASO to Japan.

The Meaning of Beauty with Jenn Im (@imjennim)

We asked LA-based mega-influencer Jenn Im to help us explore the meaning of beauty in Tokyo — in all senses of the word. First we visited the Zen-like Aman Hotel Spa, a tranquil space that embraces a philosophy of being at one with nature, just like the WASO line. It was the perfect setting for Jenn to test out WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream, a specially formulated day cream with whole carrot cells and WASO Fresh Jelly Lotion, an epic hydrating lotion with ingredients derived from white jelly mushrooms.

Proving that exploring nature in a huge city is possible, Jen then headed to unwind in the Mori garden and check out some of the incredible architecture in Roppongi Hills.

Next, Jenn discovered exactly why white jelly mushroom is so important to Japanese cooking, and all about “unami”, the so-called fifth taste, before we headed to a traditional Japanese zazen meditation. “My time in Tokyo has really been a journey of discovery,” says Jen. “Tokyo has taught me to see the beauty in taking your time and being a lot more detail-orientated. It’s a collective society and they see the beauty in helping others.”

Underground Fashion with Susie Lau (@susiebubble)

Founder of Style Bubble, Susie Lau joined us in discovering the underground world of fashion in Tokyo, exploring everything from the coolest shopping areas, to her very own authentic Kimono experience.

It wasn’t just fashion she tucked into — Susie ate lunch at an ultra-modern restaurant where she learned more about WASO’s ingredients, and exactly how our five senses shape our culinary experiences. She also heard all about the Kazari-kiri technique, the incredibly ornate art of making flowers or

Like Jenn, Susie used WASO’s Fresh Jelly Lotion, along with the WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser (an alcohol-free honey gel), WASO Colour-Smart Day Moisturizer (a matte moisturizer made from whole loquat leaf cells that changes colour to enhance your skin tone) and WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream (which you can cleverly use under or over makeup). “I think all beauty products should just allow you be yourself and let you feel comfortable in your own skin, rather than feeling like you’re putting on a mask or a disguise,” says Susie.

A Culinary Caper with Natacha Birds (@natachabirds)

Parisian-born illustrator, blogger and photographer Natacha Birds takes inspiration from nature, beauty and art, so we knew she’d be keen to explore Japanese culinary experiences and photograph the experts at work, discovering where their own inspiration comes from.

Natacha’s trip focused on the importance of WASO’s natural ingredients, as well as the latest in modern Japanese food. Enjoying some specially-prepared tofu — one of Japan’s most popular foods — Natacha learned not just how to prepare and enjoy the native Japanese dish, but why it’s used in WASO’s line of products for its skin-smoothing properties.

Natacha also used the WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser and WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream, as well as two other new products — the WASO Soft & Cushy Polisher (a skin-refining exfoliating polish with a tofu-like texture to leave skin silky and smooth) and WASO Quick Matte Moisturizer (an oil-free mattifying clear gel emulsion with whole loquat).

“I was very happy about spending this day [here], and discovering so many things about beauty, but also about Japanese philosophies and traditions and how nature benefits my life and my beauty products,” Natacha says.