The Tea Takeover: How the New Unbeatable Brews Can Boost Your Beauty Regime

Cup pf Japanese bancha green tea and leaves overhead

Nearly everyone enjoys a steaming hot drink to kickstart the morning, but where coffee houses were once the hub of our daily habit, tea bars have officially taken over. While the humble cup of tea is the hot — and healthy — new pick-me-up of choice, it’s not the standard black variety that’s in demand. It’s widely known that tea is bursting with antioxidants, and herbal infusions in particular have a number of wellness-boosting bonuses — from suppressing stress to improving energy levels and counteracting the effects of pollution, the reported benefits are endless.

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Enter the rise of specialty tea “cocktails” spurred on by health conscious millennials. These exotic brews — spicy chai or nutty Japanese genmaicha, a green tea blended with roasted brown rice — spiked with the trendiest superfoods (read: anti-inflammatory turmeric and mood-boosting guarana) are taking over our supermarket shelves for an added healthy hit.

What’s more, the benefits of these supercharged teas extend to beautifying your skin too. But while there are a plethora of flavors to choose from, when it comes to maintaining a healthy complexion, consider the exotic loquat leaf. Here’s what you need to know about this standout brew.


Move over Matcha: Loquat are the leaves to know

Loquat is a subtropical tree with a long history of use in traditional and herbal medicine. Its large, glossy, evergreen leaves have been used for centuries in Japan to help remedy respiratory, intestinal and skin issues from the inside out. When used topically, loquat leaf helps to regulate oily-prone skin and soothe red, irritated complexions, which are often the result of both emotional and environmental aggressors, making it an ideal solution for restoring skin’s natural balance.

The problem skin solver: 3 reasons to add loquat leaf to your skincare routine

1. It’s majorly mattifying to help keep oily skin under control

When your pores are blocked, sebum (the oily substance your skin produces) can build up inside them. Acne-causing bacteria love to feast on this trapped sebum and the process leaves behind fatty acids, resulting in skin inflammation and those dreaded blemishes. Luckily, loquat leaf has an antioxidant effect that is known to help suppress the breakdown of sebum and balance skin’s oil levels. SHISEIDO WASO’s Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free banks on whole loquat leaf cells — a process that involves careful extraction to ensure their most potent antioxidant effect — to keep oil production in check. Paired with a pore-perfecting, sebum-absorbing powder and a hydrating complex called PhytoResist System+, it creates a healthy, nourished complexion leaving skin to feel smooth, hydrated and less shiny.

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2. It soothes stressed skin

On top of exacerbating acne, inflammation can also accelerate premature aging, leading to wrinkles, redness and sensitivities. Good habits such as applying sunscreen regularly and removing your makeup before bed are one way to avoid these complexion-ravaging effects. Using a product with loquat leaf is equally as beneficial as it contains triterpenoid acids, a natural compound found in a variety of plants that helps soothe redness and diminish swelling.

3. It gives good glow

Healthy-looking skin looks radiant not shiny. The key to getting this balance just right is to use a product that prevents your skin from producing excess oil and thus excess shine. SHISEIDO WASO Color-Smart Day Moisturizer Oil-Free is infused with whole loquat leaf cells to do just that, as well as peony root extract to help blur imperfections, and a sheer tint that adapts to your skin tone for an even, lit-from-within effect. An SPF 30 and an anti-pollution powder work double duty to shield skin from environmental stressors and damaging UV rays too.