The Fragrance-Free Life: Why Going Fragrance-Free Makes Perfect Scents

A trend emerges
The past few years have seen a definite trend emerging for fragrance-free makeup and skincare products, for a variety of reasons, from increasing skin sensitivity, to a desire for more natural products on our bathroom shelves. “There’s been an increase in skin sensitivity and adult acne in the past few years,” explains Sarah Brock, an award-winning celebrity makeup artist, who created Gal Gadot’s look in the recent Wonder Woman movie. “This may be partly because of our busy lifestyles, combined with an increase in pollution and not-too-healthy diets,” she adds.

As the beauty industry showcases a flurry of advances in high-tech ingredients and technology, the choice can be overwhelming, and the tendency to keep switching skincare products for “the next big thing” increases. Unfortunately, always changing your products is not kind to your skin. This means sensitive skin can suffer and even “normal” skin can develop sensitivities. The solution? Gentle, natural products that will help to calm your skin down, while still being ultra effective.

Makeup for sensitive skin
“Sensitive skin responds well to fragrance-free ingredients, whether in skincare or makeup,” explains Brock. “Scent chemicals, which are sometimes used to add fragrance to products, can be irritating to sensitive skin,” she states. Thalia Phamova, Shiseido UK National Makeup Artist, suggests layering fragrance-free makeup to ensure your skin is calm and healthy, rather than covering up with heavy makeup that might irritate your skin.
Shiseido Fragrance Free Kit
1. For a fresh-faced daytime look, apply Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer, which primes the skin and may reduce imperfections for a beautifully natural effect. Applying a primer will ensure your foundation lasts longer. This refining primer fills fine lines, and counteracts dullness, redness and unevenness. The results? Skin that looks silky smooth, refined, bright and even.

2. Next, apply Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector to hide any blemishes or imperfections, as well as to minimize pores.

3. For a flawless finish that will still allow your skin to breathe, Shiseido Mattifying Oil-Free Compact foundation is ideal. Easy to apply on the go, it minimizes any visible pores and creates a dreamy sheer matte finish.

“In the same way that a fragrance-free moisturizer is a must-have for sensitive skin, so are any of the products that you layer on top,” says Brock. “These products are kind to the skin and will help to reduce the risk of irritation.”

Sunshine savvy
There are always those certain smells that we associate with the summer — coconut, fresh citrus scents, and of course the smell of the seaside — but when it comes to our sunscreen, many of us prefer it to be fragrance-free, regardless of if we have sensitive skin or not. “I always recommend fragrance-and chemical-free sunscreens to my clients,” agrees Brock. “Not only are they less irritant, they are easier to remove at the end of the day and less likely to block pores.”

Sunscreen is something we should be wearing every day, so it’s preferable if its fragrance doesn’t compete with those scents we’ve actually chosen, such as our perfume. Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion WetForce for Sensitive Skin and Children SPF 50+ is a non-sticky, delightfully fragrance-free sunscreen spray that feels light on the skin and is water-resistant. The broad spectrum UV protection helps reduce the appearance of photoaging, while the low-irritant formula also features Shiseido’s exclusive WetForce technology, so it becomes even more powerful when the applied area is exposed to water or perspiration for 15 minutes. And it won’t leave you smelling like potpourri, which is always a good thing!