Camelia Shiseido

Your skin's futureis yours to define

Every day of our lives becomes part of our skin's story. And with Future Solution LX, the story evolves beautifully.Each day's care inspires skin to protect itself against damage. Day and night, Future Solution LX works with the concepts of chronobiology to put skin on a path toward its best condition ever, for better and better skin. Now, the longer we live, the more beautiful we can become.

Chapter 1

The skin's power to become beautiful

Your skin’s natural inclination is to make itself more and more beautiful. When it becomes damaged, the cells in the skin band together to minimize the impact, and to restore a healthy, balanced state. Skin’s inner workings create its protection during the day, and its rebirth every night.

Like every living thing, your skin operates on its own clock, with daily cycles based on the rhythms of time. These cycles are the skin’s beauty rituals–daily processes of renewal and improvement that allow the skin to make itself more and more beautiful.

Chapter 2

Why does skin age? Shiseido's award winning discovery* of Serpin b3

Serpin b3 is an age-inducing, skin-damaging factor that lives in your skin cells. When this factor increases, skin's barrier function declines. Negative effects follow, and expand to the surrounding areas. Shiseido is the first in the world to identify this rogue element as a threat to your skin’s youthful beauty. Based on this discovery, Shiseido successfully developed Skingenecell 1P, the ingredient that drives Serpin b3 from the skin to fend off the chaos it creates.

*2006 IFSCC 24th Congress, Osaka, Japan. Award : Identification of a regulatory molecule in keratinocyte denucleation and its relevance to barrier disruption

Chapter 3

Nature and technology

In Future Solution LX, the most advanced technology is enhanced by the blessings of nature. Working together, these complimentary element draw skin’s greatest beauty forward.

The Ultimate beauty system is skincare based on the
performance of Skingenecell 1P.

Skingenecell 1P is the only ingredient to inhibit aging factor Serpin b3.
Skingenecell 1P realigns skin cells so they can shut out damaging external agressors.
Chronobiology LX

Future Solution LX’s exclusive approach to beautiful skin.

Every skin cell contains a factor that is responsible for each of the skin’s functions. The type of factor it is determinates the time of the day when it is the most active. Shiseido has discovered that within the skin, Daytime Defense Factors are most active during the day. These factors are responsible for skin’s healthy barrier function, which protects the skin and helps it retain moisture. Nighttime is when epidermal cell proliferation peaks, as sleep enhances skin’s energy. Synchronizing the skincare process with the natural cell cycles creates even more support for healthy skin.

Skingenecell 1P

Shiseido exclusive ingredient, Skingenecell 1P, suppresses the production of Serpin b3 and increases cell vitality to fundamentally improve skin quality and helps create cells that never lose their exquisite quality.* The result is breathtakingly beautiful skin that keeps getting better and better.

* In vitro test Skingenecell 1P
Chapter 4

Natural Ingredients from the earth

Find the preventive powers of botanicals in addition to Skingenecell 1P. Carefully selected ingredients work directly on the damaged skin, repairing it with blessings from the earth.

  • Premium uji green tea extract

    Helps prevent cellular damage caused by oxidation which leads to signs of skin aging. (in vitro test)

  • Super yeast extract

    Provides powerful age-defying benefits by promoting the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, while tightening the collagen network. (in vitro)

  • Star fruit extract

    Protects from collagen breakdown. (in vitro test)

  • Okra extract
  • Angelica root extract
  • Ononis extract

Delicate notes of Japanese flowers harmonize in a memorable white floral fragrance that enhances the luxury of each product.

Cherry blossom Cherry blossom
Plum Plum
Rose (hamanasu) Rose (hamanasu)