Camelia Shiseido
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THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY AGAINST PREMATURE AGEING. A new discovery. Just as the facets of a beautifully cut diamond determine its brilliance, the tiny triangular facets of the skin’s surface determine its youthful vividness. Shiseido’s newest discovery brings a revolutionary solution for premature ageing—keeping each skin facet plumped and resilient, so early signs of ageing such as fine lines fade from view. Advanced Biotechnology Shiseido’s exclusive new Bio-Revitalizing Complex* reinforces elastic fibres**, giving them the strength to put compromised skin facets back into ideal shape. As each facet is reformed, the skin’s entire surface is revitalised.

*Patent pending **in vitro test ***tested by 202 women

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Skin type

All skin types.Targets smoother and more supple skin, fine lines and wrinkles.


Morning and evening.

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Obvious Results*** Immediately, skin is smoother and more supple. Within just one week, skin looks more youthful. After 4 weeks, 93% of women reported skin became fully smooth.. Overall look is dramatically improved.