Camelia Shiseido
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An intensive and truly luxurious skin tightening serum, with exclusive technology to help refine skin in areas affected by age, and keep it firm. Skin takes on smooth, beautifully sculpted contours, and a look of renewed dimension from within.

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50 ml

For whom?

Women seeking for high premium products, with holistic beauty solutions and services, and not materialistic luxury rewards.

Skin type

All skin types.

  • How to use
  • Technology
  • Results
  • Apply each morning and evening after cleansing and balancing skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  1. Formulated with SHISEIDO’s SkingenecellEnmeiI* to encourage the vitalizing forces that renew beautiful skin from its source**.
  2. Future Solution LX focuses on the skincare structure with an exclusive technology that targets visible signs of aging, to achieve the elevated, tightened and toned look that characterizes youthful skin.


* Patented (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan), *in vitro tests.
**in vitro tests.

  • Refines skin
  • Sculps contours
  • Renews from within