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Your skin has an innate gene with the power of self-protection. By activating this Daytime Defense Gene your skin will have a stronger resistance to the environmental and stress factors of daily life.

This INNOVATIVE AND LUXURIOUS DEFENCE CREAM helps to protect the skin against complex aggressors, such as photo-environmental radicals*, UV rays, air pollutants and dryness.
It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone caused by these external threats, providing intensive care for a fulfilling skincare experience.


*Can be generated in daily environments when exposed to UV rays.

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For whom?

For women who dream of the ultimate scientifically proven skincare experience and are open to new and scientific experiences.
For women who want to fight ageing signs and enhance the natural beauty of their skin.

Skin type

All skin types.

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Use every morning, as the last step in your skincare.
Apply evenly before sun exposure. Reapply as needed, in particular after perspiring or towel-drying, to maintain sun protection.

Exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360TM technology.

Shiseido researchers discovered that Urnula Flower Extract, derived from the petals of a rare alpine flower that thrives in harsh environments, reduces radicals.
Combined in the formula, Umula Flower Extract and Skingenecell 1P** create a superior defense against radicals.

Cashmere Touch Emulsion Technology provides a dewy, non-oily, non-filmy texture for a moisturised, smooth feel.
Hybrid Anti-Pollution Powder helps protect skin against various air polluants.*

Skingenecell 1P makes skin resistant* to harmful environmental factors such as UV rays.
Shiseido exclusive ingredient, Skingenecell 1P, suppresses the production of Serpin b3 and increases cell vitality to fundamentally improve skin quality and helps create cells that never lose their exquisite quality.* The result is breathtakingly beautiful skin that keeps getting better and better.
*in vitro