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A skin perfecting 24 hour eye cream with a unique Kassa massage applicator that regenerates and repairs skin’s capillary system, the key to resolving multiple skin concerns.

Formulated with Multi-Capisolve 1124, capillary walls are strengthened to enhance the vital nutrient flow to skin cells, improving skin tone and overall appearance around the eye area.  Shiseido’s RenoCycle System technology helps detect damaged cells and facilitates their repair by enabling the cellular renewal cycle to function optimally.

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For whom?

For women, of all ages, with concerns about skin tone and overall appearance of the eye area.

Skin type

All skin types

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Use in the morning and evening after your day and night cream.

Dispense a small pearl-sized drop onto the back of the hand and apply gently around the eye area with your ring finger.

To enhance the product’s benefits, use the Kassa applicator to massage gently under and over the eye bone. Wipe the applicator with a dry, clean tissue after massaging.

In 1 day:

Skin feels plump with moisture. The look of puffiness is reduced, for a bright, toned and clear eye area.

In 1 week:

Uneven skin tone, dullness and the appearance of dark circles are improved for a more radiant look, and dry, fine lines are visibly diminished

In 1 month:

Wrinkles appear minimised for a resilient, youthful looking and energised eye area, transforming skin’s look into a full glow.