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  • #1 Beauty, differently
  • #2 The Japanese Values
  • #3 Miss Shiseido
  • #4 Hanatsubaki

For 150 years, Shiseido has shared Japanese beauty innovations with the world, bringing Eastern ingredients and ground-breaking technology to your skincare routine. Our founder, Arinobu Fukuhara, transformed the beauty landscape when he used his knowledge of Western dermatology to create truly unique skincare, derived from the trusted science of Japan.

  • #1 Beauty, differently
  • #2 The Japanese Values
  • #3 Miss Shiseido
  • #4 Hanatsubaki
Beauty, differently
A beauty story like no other.
Arinobu Fukuhara was only 23 and working as Chief Pharmacist in the Japanese Navy when he started to create a new way of thinking about health, inspired by Western science and innovations. His idea? To make a change not just on the surface but from deeper inside.
We believe that beauty can be found

everywhere, in everything and in every person.

For us, beauty is about so much more than what we see. It is a shared feeling; it is diverse and unifying. When we feel good, we can only do good.

By inspiring empathy,

beauty is the ultimate force for goodness.

And true beauty is made with soul.

The Japanese Values
With one eye to the future and the other to the West, Shiseido is deeply rooted in tradition, and dedicated to celebrating the values and culture of Japan. Our products promote a unique sense of spiritual beauty, with a nod to emblematic care rituals.
Body and soul are parts of a whole that we treat equally. This approach enables us to offer an authentic vision of beauty, derived from the very mechanisms of life.
We honour nature using ingredients taken from traditional pharmacopeia, which are grown and harvested with respect for their ecosystem..
Our commitment to tradition and quest for innovation leads us to keep evolving over the years.
At Shiseido, Omotenashi is at the heart of everything we do. It is the subtle art of hospitality that places others at the centre in the utmost respect of humanity.
We welcome and guide you with compassion, empathy, and a sense of selflessness. Purchasing a Shiseido product is not a simple act of consumption; it is an experience that awakens the five senses. In this way, our holistic treatments bring you both beauty and profound wellbeing.
miss shiseido

Miss Shiseido

Who is Miss Shiseido?

She isn’t just one person; the Miss Shiseidos are a group of experts who paved the way for the beauty ambassadors.

1934 was the beginning of the Miss Shiseido beauty experts. Dressed in Western-style designer uniforms rather than traditional kimonos, they were trained in beauty techniques, cosmetic science, public speaking, fashion, and culture.

They traveled all over Japan with their knowledge to present the value of Shiseido products — showcasing the latest beauty rituals through skits called ‘Theatre of Modern Beauty’, and offering audience members personalised cosmetic consultations at the end of the show.

The spirit of Omotenashi in our point of sales began with Miss Shiseido, as well as our commitment to launching and supporting women’s careers in Japan.

The “Miss Shiseido” programme now has more than 20,000 female beauty experts in 85 countries.

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