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Why Should You Add Sunscreen To Your Morning Skincare Routine?

Editor’s Picks | Aug 06, 2021
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You wake up, cleanse, sweep on your lotion and smooth on some moisturiser. Time for primer? Maybe straight to a foundation? Often this is seen as the perfect ritual to protect your skin… but something crucial is missing, something that is widely regarded as the best way to keep the skin beautiful. Not a jade roller, not a treatment mask, a sunscreen.

UV rays are regarded as one of the most harmful environmental hazards for human skin and the most effective way of preventing this UV ray damage is by using an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen.

But there are a lot of myths around sunscreen, how should we use it and which SPF should we be looking at. Let’s start by getting back to basics.

What does SPF mean?

SPF simply means Sun Protection Factor. An SPF on a product shows that it will protect against UVB rays (the ones that cause burning and are thought to cause most skin cancers.) If an SPF product also says ‘broad-spectrum’ or shows a PA rating or a UVA symbol, this will protect against both UVB and UVA rays (that cause premature ageing.)

Shiseido recommends that daily, a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher should be used, those pesky UVA rays can even penetrate clouds, so the sun doesn’t need to be shining for UV rays to damage the skin!

How and when should sunscreen be used?

Sunscreen should always be used as the last step of a morning skincare routine, so on top of your moisturiser! If you’re planning on wearing a primer or foundation, this should be applied after the sunscreen.

When applying SPF, it’s really important that enough product is used to provide good coverage over the full face and neck. So be liberal with application and ensure that you apply it at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.

Sunscreen that complements your skincare routine

So we know that suncare is crucial to protect the skin’s health and beauty, surely then this is something that every skincare lover uses daily right? Not necessarily.

Skincare fans can be reluctant to incorporate sunscreen into their daily routine, with the main concerns being that they can feel heavy and greasy, they can leave skin looking white and chalky, they can cause make-up to slip off or that they’re hard to use on the go or to reapply.

What’s the solution to these concerns? A lightweight, comfortable, invisible sunscreen that’s kind to the skin, easy to use on the go so that you can reapply through the day? Look no further than Shiseido’s Clear Stick UV protector SPF 50+.

This unique and convenient suncare stick is completely invisible and has been created for easy reapplication on the go without any stickiness, you can even use it over the top of make-up.

The SynchroShield Technology ensures that the protection doesn’t decline when in contact with perspiration, water or heat, in fact, it’s boosted! Superveil 360 technology means the protection fits the skin like a glove, ensuring that you’re protected from any angle and Naturesurge Complex means that you’re not only protected from UV rays but also that pollution and oxidation which can cause damage to the skin during the day.

So there’s no reason to avoid sunscreen when it’s as comfortable and easy to use like this, next time you’ve applied your moisturiser, don’t forget to reach for your Shiseido’s Clear Stick UV protector SPF 50+, this simple addition could be a gamechanger for your morning skincare routine!