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Shiseido Men – a pioneer approach to maximize skin’s natural power to improve itself from inside.
With breakthrough technology, SHISEIDO MEN has received 36 awards worldwide in 10 years. Shiseido Men, with exclusive Damage Defense Complex, helps skin at the cellular level – giving it what it needs to not only function at its best, but better resist visible signs of aging. Dryness, roughness, dullness and excess oil pose no threat. With refreshing yet effective hydrating formulas and a fragrance that encourages positive feelings. Quick, simple and powerful.

Powerful science. Practical skincare.

With an eye toward the pace of your life and the stress of your environment, Shiseido scientists have created the perfect operating system for skin.
Simple care. High impact results. These exceptional formulations propel the latest advances of sin physiology to the forefront.

Exclusive Damage Defense Complex*:

helps skin at the cellular level** – giving it what it needs to not only function at its best, but better resist visible signs of aging. Dryness, roughness, dullness, and excess oil pose no threat. With refreshing yet effective  hydrating formulas and a fragrance that encourages positive feelings, Shiseido Men will revolutionize the face of your future.

The Damage Defense patented Complex reinforces all of the weak points in the male epidermis, working to:

  • Reinforce the skin’s barrier
  • Maintain optimal moisture levels and regulate them according to ambient humidity
  • Hydrate each layer of the skin
  • Promote cell renewal
  • Restore suppleness and firmness to the epidermis

*Damage Defense Complex contains a dynamic combination of patent pending ingredients. (Patent pending: USA, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan)

**ex. Vivo test

To compensate for the stress that urban life places on men, Shiseido Men’s regenerating power is optimized by its fragrance. Based on the power of aromachology, a science mastered by Shiseido, this fragrance soothes tension with its green and floral notes, set off with modified valerian. Its calming power has been tested on an international sample of 140 men. Placed under intellectual stress, they noted a significant drop in their stress level.

A beautiful complexion start with perfectly cleansed skin. Remove dirt and excess oil without drying out skin during shaving with intelligent Cleansing Foam from Shiseido Men. Eliminate roughness, bleackheads and dull surface cells with triple deep-cleansing actions of Deep Cleansing Scrub.

After cleansing and softening, activate your skin’s immunity, the power to fight against all kinds of skin damage with Ultimune. Ultimune boosts the benefits of serums and moisturizers that follow. For all women, all skin type, at any age. Skin become more beautiful from within.

Deliver generous soothing moisture to just-shaved or cleansed skin. Help preserve optimal moisture levels for a feeling of comfort and protection against roughness, razor burns, environmental stress and dryness.

With age, the energy for cell repair and renewal is diminished, leading to the development of dryness, wrinkles, sagging. The main cause of sagging is the loss of elastin, Hyaluronic acid and collagen and also exposure to sun damage and dehydration. Shiseido Men Moisturisers with a complex that can produce the three main elements (elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen) maintain youthful looking facial contours.

Travelling, climate swing, tough workout, long hours, there are times men’s skin needs extra special care. Adopt Shiseido’s high-performance anti-fatigue skincare solutions, formulated in sensational lightweight textures and pleasant fragrance.

Eye area skin is thinner and more delicate than other areas of the face, making this are prone to dryness, fatigue and signs of ageing. Subsequently causing wrinkles, loss of resilience, dehydration and dark circles to appear. Shiseido’s targeted high performance eye care solution effectively counteracts eye contour concerns.