Balanced Beauty: How to Re-Balance Unstable Skin

how to re-balance unstable skin

Clear, glowing and super smooth skin free from blemishes is undoubtedly everyone’s ultimate beauty holy grail. But balancing the demands of a hectic lifestyle (and that late night Netflix addiction!) with those of your skin isn’t always easy. According to stats, most millennials have sensitive skin at some point in their twenties and thirties. Balancing unstable skin is one of the most important things you can tackle beauty-wise, at this age, but how to go about it? Our beauty expert has the best tips and tricks on how to re-balance sensitive skin — for the long haul.

Step 1: Stress less
It sounds obvious, but worrying about your skin is only going to make it worse, as the stress can affect your body’s (and therefore your skin’s) ability to heal itself. Stress full stop could be part of the problem in the first place, due to what A-list makeup artist and wellbeing coach Lee Pycroft calls “the endless pursuit of perfection”.

“Unmanaged cortisol levels can have a detrimental impact on our emotional well being and our skin,” explains Pycroft. “Floods of stress-related hormones damage the cell walls allowing intracellular water to escape, and this contributes to common skin problems such as acne and sensitive skin.” The solution? Take time out every day to relax, whether that’s reading a book, doing yoga or laughing with friends.

Step 2: Create a happy morning skincare routine
Waking up to your fourth snooze alarm, taking the world’s quickest shower and gulping down some black coffee does not a happy morning routine make. Instead, regard applying your morning skincare as a self-care ritual. Take your time and choose natural products that nourish and care for your complexion.

WASO quick gentle cleanser

1. Start with a gentle cleanser… Try Waso Quick Gentle Cleanser, a thick 2-in-1 cleansing gel that removes makeup and impurities while protecting the skin’s moisture. This will easily break down any dirt or excess oil that may have accumulated during the night. It’s paraben-free (note to regions- some regions this doesn’t apply) and contains skin-balancing honey and Royal Jelly extracts so your skin won’t feel dry or stripped afterwards.

2. Using naturally sourced ingredients (loquat leaf for oily skin and carrot for combination skin) Waso Color Smart Day Moisturizer SPF30 is ideal for oily and combination skin. Maximizing the brightening and skin plumping qualities of carrots and loquat leaves, its intuitive tint technology means it changes color to adapt to your skin tone. The results? A healthy glow and beautifully natural looking, clear skin.

Yes, that’s it! Paring down your routine will help your skin re-balance itself and will also reduce the need for heavy foundations or concealers. If you need more coverage or want to look extra polished just add one of the best foundations for sensitive skin, Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Foundation. It has a luminous finish with buildable coverage, and the argan oil and yuzu seed extract help to boost moisture levels.

Skin care routine

Step 3: All about the application of skincare products
“When applying skin products in the morning and at night, take this time to get out of your head and into your body via your senses,” advises Pycroft. “This helps you become more conscious of the present, which in turn allows you to relax.” She suggests massaging the products into your skin using small circular motions. “This creates an awareness around the texture of the product, the feel of your bone structure and any sounds you hear around you,” adds Pycroft.

Step 4: Massage your face like a pro
1. Apply your day or night cream to the center of your face and massage gently using upwards and outwards motions. Use an angel-wings shape.

2. Apply cream to the forehead, rubbing in gently using small circular motions to smooth out any furrows.

3. Use your thumbs and pinch along the jawline from chin outwards to your ears to increase definition.

4. Using your knuckles, push up and lift under your cheekbones to help define your features.

5. Finally, pat the skin using your fingertips across the forehead and then across the cheeks. Always use upwards and outwards motions. This stimulates the flow of blood to your face, giving you a brighter complexion.

Step 5: The trick is to keep breathing
Lee Pycroft’s A-list clients swear by her simple breathing techniques to soothe stressed skin and rebalance. Try it before you go to bed to allow that all-important beauty sleep to work its magic on your skin.

1. Breathe in through your nose using your diaphragm rather than chest.

2. Place your hand on your diaphragm to encourage your body to breathe from there. “This is based on a breathing method called 7-11 breathing,” explains Pycroft. “It’s traditionally used to help anxiety sufferers as it balances out the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, which can go off balance with frequent shallow breathing that leads to an overload of oxygen and a depletion of carbon dioxide.”

3. Breathe out making your out breath longer. Start by making it just slightly longer and then aim to build up to a point where your out breath is twice as long as your in breath.

4. The longer out breath commands the para-sympathetic nervous system to go into a state of relaxation. It also helps your senses to bring your mind to the present.

5. Repeat for 10 breaths and aim to do this every night and whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious.