Mattie James’ How to Get Glowing Skin on the Go

get glowing skin on the go

Being a small business owner and a woman on the go, I don’t have the time to spend on extensive beauty routines. I need products that work well and that I can carry with me throughout the day. I’ve always been a fan of SHISEIDO, but lately, their products have served my busy schedule particularly well. Not only do they protect my skin, they also allow for a low-fuss simple makeup regimen.


Earlier this week, I had a full day, with a big meeting and a work event. First up was a morning event in the city. This called for an earlier call time than I’m used to, to ensure I beat the city traffic. Early starts only emphasize the need for eye serum to make sure I look awake and alive throughout the day. Before applying makeup (after cleansing and moisturizing), I applied the SHISEIDO Ultimune Eye Serum, which is light and gives my skin an instant boost. I’ve been a long-time fan of the SHISEIDO Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (a serum that I live by, morning and night) and the eye serum is just as amazing. Together, they act as the perfect skin care duo during my morning quick makeup routine.

After my event, I had some downtime before my meeting and the rest of my working day. As the event had been held at a gorgeous hotel, I helped myself to lunch and relaxation by the pool. If I learned anything from my 20s, it was that sunscreen is one of the crown jewels of beauty products, so I always apply my SPF. While I waited for lunch, I applied some SHISEIDO Wetforce 50+ Perfect UV protector. If an SPF is greasy or heavy, it can be a pest if you’re going to wear makeup over it, but this product is light enough to wear alone or before applying makeup.


Once I was done with lunch and my meeting, I headed to my favorite local coffee shop to work for a few hours. It was so nice out, I knew I wanted to sit at a table outside. So while I waited for valet at the hotel, I removed my makeup with a cleansing wipe and put on some SHISEIDO Future Solutions LX Universal Defense 50+. I don’t believe in wearing makeup all day if I don’t have to, so even if I’m on the go, I’ll take it off and slather on some moisturizer. I love this day protector because it serves as both an SPF (with SPF 50!) and a moisturizer. It’s light yet creamy, and reduces the signs of aging – both very important things. Once you take the day’s makeup off, you want your skin to breathe and this product lets it do just that.

I’m lucky enough to do what I love, which allows me to live an unconventional life. Day to day, work for me looks different, but I want my skin to always look and feel good. SHISEIDO products work in my various quick makeup routines whether in the morning at home, or in my purse while I’m on the go. They’re low-fuss yet luxurious, and help my skin look and feel its best. And for me, when it comes to beauty, that’s always the goal.