Less is More: How to Streamline Your Skincare Routine

easy skincare routine

Roommate always complaining that they have no space for their toothbrush? Can never find your moisturizer, especially when you only have five minutes to leave the house? If you love beauty and can’t resist the lure of a new trend, it’s likely that your bathroom shelves might be sagging under the weight of all that beauty haul! Now we’re certainly not suggesting you make do with soap and cold water (Perish the thought!), but drowning in products you don’t need or use can just add to the stress of urban living. Plus, as every beauty blogger knows, capturing the perfect Insta ‘shelfie’ means paring down to just the most beautiful, and useful, skincare products. Here’s our guide to decluttering your beauty loot like a pro.

More than just skin-deep benefits
Kathleen Ventura, a life and business coach who mentors fledgling female entrepreneurs, is a firm believer in the idea that decluttering your home, bathroom, and even your relationships can help you achieve the success you want in your life and career. “When we have clutter and unwanted stuff in our lives, there isn’t space for the abundance we are seeking,” Ventura explains. “When you physically remove these things, you create space for new, improved items.”

This also helps you to focus on what you really want to create for your life, whether that’s a new job that requires a focused outlook, or a streamlined skincare routine that means you can spend more time enjoying a leisurely breakfast or going to that Vinyasa yoga class you’ve been meaning to try. “Aside from getting rid of the things you don’t use anymore, you should also eliminate the items that are not invited into the next phase of your life with you,” adds Ventura. In skincare terms, that might mean that nearly-full bottle of cleanser that you’ve never really liked but have been loath to chuck because it was expensive, or the moisturizer your mom bought you that just isn’t right for your skin.

Start by being honest
“Pool all the makeup and skincare you own from all drawers, cupboards and makeup bags — this can yield terrifying results!” admits beauty blogger Rae Ritchie. Group together your products and you might find you have seven bottles of toner or nine mascaras you never use! A-list makeup artist Lee Pycroft agrees. “Anything in your beauty cupboard that has expired, smells odd or of which the texture has changed, it’s time for it to go!” Throw away anything you don’t use, or better still, give to friends or charity if the products are unopened. “I often use products that haven’t worked on my face on my hands or body as a way of using them up and avoiding unnecessary waste,” says Pycroft.

The skincare routine where less is more beautiful
Now you’ve decluttered your bathroom cabinet, it’s time to become more conscious of what products you actually need in your life. Remember to keep it simple. Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Christie Kidd recommends a gentle cleansing face wash, especially for skin concerns like acne where overloading products only makes things worse. Add a great eye cream and a no-frills moisturizer with SPF, and you’re good to go. Take a “less is more” approach and opt for a streamlined skincare line specially designed for millennial skin, such as WASO. Harnessing the power of all five senses and utilizing only the finest natural ingredients in tandem with innovative technology, WASO’s pared-down collection is ideal for a decluttered bathroom and busy lifestyle.

WASO Skincare routine

Choose smart from your heart for natural skincare
For an environmentally-friendly, easy-to-use moisturizer that will balance and hydrate your skin without any complicated application techniques, why not try WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream? This specially formulated, intensely hydrating cream contains whole carrot cells to smooth, soften and refresh your complexion daily. You can also apply it over makeup to add an on-trend dewy look or if your skin starts to feel dry during the day.

If you’re searching for a paraben-free (editor note: paraben-free is a no go word in EU and Asia) cleanser to replace the complicated routine you’ve now ditched, then WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser foams without water to break down dirt, excess oil and any excuses you might have to sleep in your makeup! Containing the Japanese Washoku ingredients honey and royal jelly extract, which nurture skin, this simple yet effective cleanser will leave your skin looking soft, without stripping it of moisture. It’s perfect for at home or when you’re traveling. Plus, the Royal Jelly extracts contain skin-boosting amino acids and vitamins to improve the condition of your complexion. Remember, great skincare is about quality not quantity.