WASO On The Road

WASO natural skin care

Whether you love the energy of exploring new cities, or the thrill of nature’s wild allure, or are forever moving in between the two; restlessly seeking out new places and new people to quench your thirst for adventure, nothing is better than the open road. We all crave the free-spirited feeling of being on the road; music playing, hair loose and wild, face turned to the sun.

SHISEIDO have launched WASO specifically for us, the digital nomad generation who have reinvented outmoded constructs about beauty. We understand that it’s when we are simply ourselves and embrace living our own lives, free from constraints — that we find beauty.


WASO natural skin care

This dreamy, pared-down collection of glow-giving, skin-soothing natural skincare products is based on the Japanese philosophy of Washoku. Washoku resonates with the ideals of Zen Buddhism and is about bringing out the power of minimal, authentic, natural ingredients. Appealing to all of our five senses, WASO is paraben-free and contains no mineral oils. Because less isn’t more, it’s everything.

It’s when you’re travelling that you realize what’s genuinely important. Being on the road is time to connect with yourself, with your friends and with the magnificence of nature and everything that surrounds us. It reminds us of the need for balance, the need to take a moment to just breathe and just live. Time to shed any responsibilities or inhibitions and simply let the good times roll.

Being on the road reminds you to stay wild. Stay true to yourself. Because at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.


Meet the talent: Julian and his girlfriend Irie Jean Calkins
Filmmaker Julian Klincewicz and his girlfriend Irie Jean, a floral designer, model and photographer from Brooklyn, explore Paris through the lens of their relationship. It’s always intriguing to go ‘behind the scene” in a real-life love affair, and this intimate and human picture of a cool young couple in love, in Paris, is a fresh portrayal of a unique travel journal.

WASO natural skincareMeet the muse: Jenny Choi

Jenny is a Seoul-born stylist from Vancouver. She takes us behind the scenes in in Tokyo on a journey of discovery for the new WASO campaign video.

Both videos incorporate a modern approach to skincare and to living. Shot in the style of 70s home videos, with a mash-up of nature, low-key city living and the nomadic beauty routines of Jenny, Julian and Irie, they have a uniquely millennial sensibility.

Craving plumping moisturizer that really delivers on its promises — and is as flexible as you are? WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream is a clear cream that plumps, softens and hydrat a skies thanks to its natural ingredients, including whole carrot cell extract to brighten complexion. For those spontaneous nights in a new place when you don’t know where the evening will take you, you’ll want a super quick cleanser that’s really going to remove impurities and makeup from your skin — but with minimum fuss. WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser foams without water and leaves you looking fresh-faced in an instant. It’s an ideal travel beauty product for the millennial generation.

WASO natural skincare

For low-key days exploring, hanging with locals or just chilling out, it’s easy to look naturally healthy. WASO Color-Smart Day Moisturizer SPF30 has a tint of color that changes its hue depending on your natural skin tone, while offering day-long hydration. The oil-free version also gives a pleasingly matte look to the skin so you’re Insta-ready whatever the day throws at you.

WASO natural skin care

For a hydrating, soothing cream that harnesses the power of carrots (high in water and nourishing vitamins and minerals), try WASO Clear Mega Hydrating Cream. It’s ideal for combination skin as it balances out your complexion and gives a luscious, healthy glow. If you have oily skin, then WASO Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free contains antioxidant loquat leaf extracts. Renowned for their antibacterial and skin-soothing properties, loquat leaf suppresses sebum production, balancing your oily skin and leaving you with a fresh-faced, matte complexion that’s hydrated and smooth.

WASO natural skincare