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How to Soothe Dry Skin During Menopause

Editor’s Picks | Oct 04, 2022
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Your skin goes through dramatic changes at every stage of life, and the menopause is no different; even a once calm and clear complexion can struggle as your hormone levels begin to change. And, even though we often hear about the hot flushes, anxiety and mood shifts that are common in this phase, there is little said of the dry skin in menopause that so many experience.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Dry menopausal skin will affect all women and people who menstruate at a certain time in their life. You may even notice skin starts to feel more dehydrated years before the change itself; this is a period known as the perimenopause, and it’s completely normal.

But the fact that it’s normal doesn’t always make it any less challenging. The perimenopause and menopause can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have the right advice to hand. That’s why we’ve created this guide to soothing your dry, sensitive skin as the change begins, complete with an easy-to-follow ritual that plumps and renews your complexion. Here’s what you need to know...

Why is my skin so dry during menopause?

Just as your hormones are responsible for acne, oiliness and even dark spots, they’re also one of the culprits behind the dry skin that occurs as we reach the menopause. A reduction in estrogen – one of the hormones responsible for stimulating oil production – can cause an imbalance in the sebaceous glands and leave your pores feeling parched. Also at play are lower levels of collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep skin soft, supple and smooth, but become depleted as time goes on. The good news is, there are ways to soothe and support your skin through this period, so you can still enjoy a smooth, dewy and hydrated complexion.

How else might the menopause affect my skin?

When collagen and elastin levels dial down, skin is also more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. This isn’t just a symptom of menopause; these proteins start dropping significantly as early as in your twenties. However, because this process can speed up in the perimenopause phase, you may notice an increased loss of skin laxity, as well as visible skin thinning. Meanwhile, hot flushes can result in redness and sensitivity, meaning you need a skincare routine that doesn’t just hydrate, but calms as well.

What helps with dry menopausal skin?

The best skincare for the menopause is deeply hydrating and reparative. Look for moisturisers that harness humectants, which absorb and hold onto water, as well as smart serums that help to trigger collagen production. The ideal ritual will feed the skin moisture at every single stage, from cleanser, to softener, to serum, to day or night cream – all while bestowing a radiant glow and protecting it from daily aggressors.

Try this routine for dry menopausal skin

1. Balance with a gentle cleanser: Extra Rich Cleansing Milk

As oil production may already be low, you don’t want to use harsh cleansers that can further strip your skin of moisture and leave it feeling dry and tight. Instead, turn to gentle cleansers that delicately balance your complexion. The Extra Rich Cleansing Milk is perfect, as it melts away makeup while respecting the skin barrier. It’s infused with rice germ oil, which has extraordinary moisturising powers and creates a rich, frothy lather that tackles surface grime. Then, if you’re double cleansing, follow with the Creamy Cleansing Emulsion; a light lotion you can rinse or tissue off to remove mascara while leaving skin supple and fresh.

2. Plump and prime with a skin softener: Treatment Softener Enriched

TA key cornerstone of traditional Japanese skin rituals, skin softener plies pores with dewy hydration, while enhancing the effects of the face serums and creams you apply on top. Use the Treatment Softener Enriched in place of a toner by pumping three drops onto a reusable cotton pad, then sweeping over the skin in upwards and outwards motions. Allow it to completely absorb before moving on to your next step. Skin will feel soft to the touch and slightly ‘springy’ in texture; two signs of boosted hydration.

3. Layer targeted face serums: Serum Power Infusing Concentrate

By ‘cocktailing’ or layering your face serums, you can make the results more tailored to your skin type. We recommend a combination of our best-selling Ultimune Serum and the Vital Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum for menopausal skin. Apply Ultimune first, allowing the double anti-ageing technology to activate skin’s defences, hydrate, and optimise its resilience. Then, follow with LiftDefine, which visibly brightens in 1 week*, and lifts and firms in 4 weeks, while offering instant radiance.
* Clinical test on 38 women.

4. Apply an anti-ageing moisturiser: Uplifting and Firming Cream Enriched

After allowing your serums to absorb, massage a moisturiser into skin using an upwards and outwards motion to gently lift the contours. Look for creams that help to top up collagen levels, like the Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream Enriched. The deeply nourishing moisturiser is powered by Reneura Technology ++ and KURENAI TRULIFT to target fibroblast cells and promote skin's collagen regeneration. It’s also truly nourishing, addressing any dryness you experience through menopause. Let it sink in before you move on to the next step.

5. Finish with a high SPF: Urban Environment Age Defense Oil-Free SPF 30

Finally, finish your menopause skincare ritual with SPF. The Urban Environment Age Defence Oil-Free SPF30 is a light, non-sticky lotion that will shield delicate skin from harmful UV rays. Wear it all year round, come rain or shine, to prevent sun damage, then top up throughout the day with the Clear Suncare Stick SPF50+; an invisible, glide-on shield that can even be worn over makeup.

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