Camelia Shiseido

Let water
be your ally.

NEW invisible formulas*

*Except make up product

WetForce Technology™*. The more you play, the more you move, the more you sweat, the better it works. A veil of powerful protection from UV rays and pollution. #ShiseidoSuncare. Made for action. Made with soul.

Protection that sets you free.

WetForce Technology™* protects the wearer, even when exposed to water or perspiration. Shiseido’s specially developed sun formula, SuperVeil-UV 360™, also helps to provide an even, protective veil from the sun. Because of their protective abilities, both these formulas are also ideal for sports and leisure.

New Products

WetForce Technology™*

The harder you play,
the more it protects.

WetForce Technology™*. The more you sweat, move and play, the more effective it gets. SPF50 and powerful environmental protectors keep UV rays, pollen and pollutants from touching your skin, to prevent damage and roughness.

SPF50+ with WetForce Technology™*

Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion Plus

Feel free. To go.

WetForce Technology™* and Transparent SPF 50+. Powerful broad spectrum UV protection in an invisible, on the go stick. Take it anywhere. Swipe it on any time. Even under and over makeup. No mess. No sticky feeling. Move, sweat, swim, and play. Shelter your skin. Reveal your active self.

SPF50+ with WetForce Technology™*

Clear Stick UV Protector

*In vitro test.