Camelia Shiseido
carrot mushroom tofu loquat honey


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In harmony with nature, WASO nurtures the skin’s natural powers to bring out your most beautiful, authentic self.

Because less isn’t more. It’s everything.


Obtained through the latest Shiseido research

  • PhytoResist System+
    A technology that uses the power of botanicals to target unstable skin with recurring problems, to bring skin back to a healthy state and banish skin problems for the future. Using a unique combination of ingredients, PhytoResist System+ inspired by a Shiseido finding and rewarded by IFSCC (International Federation of Societes of Cosmetic Scientists), which acts by reinforcing the skin’s barrier function, regulating skin cell turnover, for balanced, smooth and protected skin from internal and external aggressors.
  • Aromachology Science
    The art and science of fragrance, with Shiseido’s expertise and pioneering research since the early 80’s, to ensure a holistic treatment that allows you to look and feel your best by improving motivation and energy while fading away fatigue.
  • Whole Cell Release System W
    A specific technology that carefully separates whole botanical cells one by one, removing them and formulating them while they are still fresh. Delivers them to the skin without breaking them down to maximize their natural ingredient balance and allow the skin to benefit only from the very essential to bring out its best condition.


A simple and minimalistic line-up of products that can be used alone or combined based on skin condition and preference.


Known for promoting health and beauty in Japan